113. dear Donne,


Based on the limited works I have read, I find you one creepy-as-fuck clergyman. I mean. Come on. “Because this flea sucked both or blood, we’re more than married! Sleep with me now?” Seriously? And Holy Sonnet XIV. “Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me” Okay, I get the idea. Only pure if you are consumed by God. Why’d you use ‘ravish’? I have this disturbing image of you and God getting all ravish-y. Maturity? Hah. I was mature about the whole erect compass thing. Not even a snicker! But, no more Donne. I am sick of finding out every freaking poem is about how you want to bang a woman, or about how bitter you are that “no where/lives a woman true and fair” I recognize that you were not always in the church. I should respect this. But? Clergyman and porn. These have a weird creeper effect.

Admittedly, I thought “The Canonization” was beautiful. Doomed lovers, tapers dying by the flame they chose, death- wait, what’s this? You mean a little death? Dammit, back to sex! I mistakenly thought I’d found a non-sexilicious Donne poem. It still was pretty, though. Hell, if I looked hard enough, I’d probably find a lot of work that I like. But, at this point in time? I am tired of horny sixteenth century clergymen. No more!

Next poetry unit: Wordsworth. Horndog risk? Little to none.


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