117. tea does not go bad.


Or, tales of the crazy cleaning lady. She went through our tea cabinet and organized it by year, on the kitchen table. She is a good cleaner, really cheap, and extremely eccentric. My father is terribly amused by this, and come Monday there’s always some new madness.

Today is better, much better. Grades were not-failing and I managed to get kicked out of the art rooms. Again. Curse you, Wolfie. CURSE.

Not so much an introspection day as a sneak-into-places-without-a-pass day. I’ve managed to eliminate all my strongholds for the next week. Bad plots go through my head – faking a migraine to sleep in the theory lab, slipping into the computer lab (unfamiliar territory!), getting the okay from the other, awesome art teacher (do not want to risk wolfie ire, however, as she does my grades), or stay in woodshop through lunch. Open campus returns with the grace of angels.

The zoom-screen feature is amazing. I have this text box blown up hugely, the entire size of the screen. Not having to do a glasses-hunt FTW.


One Response to “117. tea does not go bad.”

  1. What did W0lf-K1ngz kick you out for?

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