119. artisan chawklets.


They look like jewels. There’s one that is green with apple butter inside. Weirdly delicious. Coconut and raspberry sauce in the cateyed one, orange in the orange one, unknown in the speckled one (but delicious!)

Werked for five hours. Mostly sold clay. Werked two hours yesterday. Did not sit still a moment. How the cookie crumbles, I guess. Even if cookies are only “sometimes food”. (Bullshit! C is for cookie for a REASON. It’s good enough for me.)

In conclusion, living in a kinda artsy town is nice when you have old-style cafes and tea shops that sell frothed hot-chocolate. And fancy candies. And, gasp, tea.


One Response to “119. artisan chawklets.”

  1. om nom nom.

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