125. batshit paranoid.


There’s been a weird, red bump on my hand. Huh! Curious! So, today, it got annoying enough that I popped it. Lots of icky yellow-white pus. Wee! Oh. Wait. Fuck. It could be staph. So, I go to the nurse, once I see that the shit is deepdeepdeep, and ungoldy amounts have come from a tiny pin-sized dot. She puts an uber-bandaid on me, covering most of my wrists, then shoos me away. I call my momma for a doctor’s appointment.

Go ahead, call me paranoid. I am in minor freakout mode and every fucking picture I find of ‘minor’ mrsa looks suspciously like my hand, only in multiples (or in the deep, absyss-y phase).

I hope to buddah it’s a zit.


2 Responses to “125. batshit paranoid.”

  1. I had MRSA. It won’t kill you.

  2. Updates plzcanhaz.

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