127. WHUT.


thinkgeek.com shipped my order in a day. I ordered it in early early Friday morning. It got here today. Although I wasn’t impressed with the packing job, the box mangled and one small item unwrapped and getting scratched, overall it was okay. And I’m will to overlook the box, because it shipped in a freakin’ day from New Jersey. I’ve had things that were nearly local that didn’t ship for a week, and yet this shipped on Friday and a non-businessday Saturday. Jeez! Nice job, guys. I’m buying from you again.

Also, my miracle berry tablets came in that box. It’s impossible to believe. Half a tablet (should use a whole one, randomly) and vinegar tastes fine, sour pickles taste like the sweet nummy kind, lemon juice tastes incredible… it was a blast. Try oranges. They were exquisite.


5 Responses to “127. WHUT.”

  1. 1 vividaudio

    I’ve always meant to ask you…

    Is it intentional to have “musings” spelled “musingings”? I assume, since it’s been up since forever, that it is. What is the meaning? Or is it just a whim?

  2. . . .


    It’s a misspelling. That, apparently, no one has ever freaking caught. WOW.

  3. I NEVER read it that way. Wow. I always read/read (present/past) it as “musings.”


  4. 4 vividaudio

    LOLZ. I assumed that it was intentional, because it was painfully obvious to me every time I signed on. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed for what…a year?

  5. 5 vividaudio

    Dude, where the hell is everyone? I have never had such a quiet weekend on the internet before. Is there some secret meeting going on? Did someone die? Where is everybody?!

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