129. better now.


I took a day off, slept, cried, and generally did nothing. It was exactly what I needed – today, I found myself concentrating, doing well at work, and Getting Things Done (c). I’ve ordered my mother and father’s gifts, and managed to spend more on him than anyone else this holiday. Considering how much he’s done for me over the years, I’m grateful I can finally give a little bit back. I’m not allowed to touch my card until next Christmas, officially. That is college money, and will be needed.

Life goes on.

The demon music teacher had us carol in classes, today. Without warning, without even remorse, he sent four groups off to the not-so-tender mercies of the school body. They are not yet in a festive mood. Friday, sure! Thursday, mebbe. Wednesday? Not a chance. There was no loophole – teachers had to sign off on each song. Bah. Humbug!

Other teacher stories include our soon-to-be-forty history dude. Who is angsting about his new divorce and won’t stop dropping subtle hints. I feel sorry for him; he’s a parody of every bitter divorcee and doesn’t realize it yet.

History: “Have you ever heard that old joke, where men go into a marriage expecting nothing will change, and women go in expecting to change the man? Neither work! Haha, he’ll keep on dropping his socks on the floor, and she’ll change her style, her friends, her personality… it’s funny!”
Class: *various states of pitying looks*


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  1. *big hug*

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