131. ice, 3. me, 0.


I like spending Christmas on my ass, apparently. As we were picking up Trevor and his mom for dinner, we noticed, whoops! The road is entirely made of glare ice. We spun into some guy’s yard, and I walked two houses down to their house. That tiny walk took ten minutes. Ice, everywhere, and little to no walkable sides. Not fun. Some lovely person was shoveling dirt and ash onto the road, so the trip back was less of an adventure. It was still hazardous, and “are we dead yet?”, but thrillingly so.

I got one of those creepish felix clocks. His little eyes and tail swing back and forth. And, footie pjs. Possibly my favorite Christmas in a while. Dad got seven kinds of puzzles from me, including a 9000 piece world map. This is going to be fun.

Life is goodish. Happyness is happening. Wishing the best to all.


One Response to “131. ice, 3. me, 0.”

  1. I’ve almost-fallen more times than I can count this winter on black ice. >.<

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