138. new prezzie for the win.


CNN was broadcasting in the theater all day yesterday. From around fourth period to the beginning of seventh, I skipped class and watched the various proceedings.

My favorite moment, besides the fact that most of West showed up and cheered, was when George H. W. Bush walked out to the platform. As he walked by the marine at the door, he attempted to pat him on the back. Only, unless CNN’s angles are really funky, I think he patted the guy’s lower back. Very lower.

Not sure if any clips survive. I want to find them.


One Response to “138. new prezzie for the win.”

  1. …I think I saw that!

    I thought you were going to remark on how people booed him. You know better than anyone that I despise a lot of what he’s done. But alas, our ex-president is only human, and I’ve noticed a lot of his critics are hypocrites that have nothing of any substance to say, particularly the younger ones. It pissed me off that people were booing him when he came out. I hate it when people are rude and distasteful, no matter what the circumstances. I have been affected by his policies the same as everyone else, but I would never be that disrespectful to the President of the United States. *sigh*

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