144. flea bites.


The party went amazingly well, with beautiful gorgeous amazing friends and equally luscious fruit trays. Everything was orgy-pile-rific. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and the memories of the night are awesome. Party Quirks (featuring Gay Edward C), DDR, airhockey madness, pool weirdos, and amazing food. (Mostly the fruit. MANGOs. BANANAs)


2 Responses to “144. flea bites.”

  1. 1 Lindsey

    You said in this entry –> https://pippage.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/135-so-they-flew-through-a-flaw-in-the-flue/

    …that you thought you had fleas in your room. They’re very hard to get rid off, and this makes me think that no one brought them Saturday, but that you just didn’t kill them all.

  2. 2 pip

    ‘cept I slept on the couch, in the tv room, wrapped in everyone’s blankets. I changed my bedding again though, just in case :/

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