147. i’m feeling fat, and sassy!


When I have a moment’s time, I love looking up nudes. Any sort of nudes, really. Skinny skinny girls or guys, full of lovely angles and bones, sharp and ground and covered in skin that can be rough with callouses, some sad-looking, worshiped or neglected. Women with strange breasts. The old grizzled men with strange body hair. I love wandering into nude drawing classes, just to see what interesting features they have.

But my favorite are wonderfully round women, with smooth smooth looking skin and rolls and the most beautiful expressions. So many overweight women look horrible in clothing, but some how look incredibly right nude. Not obesity-fat. Beautifully natural, “this is how your body wants to look” healthiness.

Something about today is an earth-mother, rolls and breasts and fertility goddess type of day.

Oh. About Ohio! Snowy. Pretty. HOLY CRAP amazing library, art museum was closed.

In Oberlin, they let you take out ORIGINAL artwork, anything not being displayed in their art museum, for a five dollar deposit. As in, wander into a friend’s dormroom and hey, look! An original Salvador Dali.

Holy hand grenades, batman.

ETA: Also, nude dancers are incredible. Especially when it’s Pilobolus. More to be written later.


3 Responses to “147. i’m feeling fat, and sassy!”

  1. 1 Tony

    I hope you’ll check my blog – you’ll see lots of women like you describe.

  2. The pictures you posted are beautiful, sir. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. 3 Katling

    I’ve been taking a life drawing class this semester, and I’ll admit that the human body has:

    1) Endless varitey

    2) Fun curves to doodle!

    So much fun to draw…:)

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