148. halp.


I need book recommendations. Over the course of the year, I have received Barnes and Noble certificates. I now have one hundred and twenty-five dollah worth, and I want to start reading again. My request is: tell me the books that changed your life, from a book from your childyears to now, the more obscure the better.

(The only thing I know fer sure is I’m getting the Little Prince and at least two Brian Froud books)


2 Responses to “148. halp.”

  1. 1 readitonline

    I thought it would be a piece of cake, however the more I try to make recommendations, the harder it gets.
    Mostly because no book ever changed my life (unless you count custom end-of-fiscal-year books, not on sale at B&N).
    I’ll get back to you If I come up with something.

    Read It Online

  2. 2 caryatid child

    please don’t kill the freshman by zoe trope.
    understood betsy by dorothy canfield fisher.
    the little white horse by elizabeth goudge.
    o taste and see by denise levertov.

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