do me a favour.


Never, ever, EVER take a sleep aid and alcohol. I know that you are tired – that’s what you need the Ambien for. You haven’t been getting much sleep, and I sympathize, but get it into your exhausted noggin. BAD. FUCKING. IDEA.

I shook for an hour. I don’t think I’ve been that terrified in a while. You didn’t know the dates, you thought you were George Hamilton, and your eyes were half-open, one dropping more than the other. Mumbling and incoherant, we help you up. You tell us that you are joking and fools we, we believe it, you said it convincingly. We let go for a split second, and you careen into the door, hard, splitting the skin on your nose. I sobbed, after we got you into bed, becasue I didn’t know if letting you sleep was right and I was more frightened that I’ve been in a longlong time.

The idiot is fine now, snoring away, but damn. Ambien’s side effects include appearing incoherently lucid, when really they are unconscience. Sleeping walking/talking/texting/driving and so on have been reported. Add in alcohol, and a loss of motor functions is the least of what can happen.

I am incredibly grateful for the friends I have, that held me and gave home numbers and checked in an hour later, to make sure no one needed to go to the hospital, and prepared to drive if that was the case. I love you guys incredibly much. I love you, firefly boy, for staying here and being incredibly supportive.


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