152. floating effortless.


A strange whirly trip, to the ghetto KFC/Taco bell to gresaygrease pizzaria and disturbing opinion on the woman who left way too late, skipped out into the evening spring for a cup of the best hot chocolate the city has to offer and a beautifully soft baklava. Came back to leave for the Meadow at the coffeeshop with inferior hot cocaine and crunchy hard baklava, to make things awkward for everyone. Left as it became apparent that I would do naughty naughty things just to amuse myself, like fuck with conversations and be a creeper, so I ran to the wind again, brisk delicious spring in the dark streets, telling them I had mace in case of the boogieman. (lie!) Tilted into a conversation, surrounded by five women over 50, smoking cigarettes outside the bar, charming them in the best daughter of the arts fashion, leaving them with a bow and a dance.

Watched teevee with the mother and the dog who has seemingly adopted her, with it’s inbreed Papillion looks and a ugly-as-sin-cute-as-fuck crooked underbite – Mamma likes the strange little dogs. Avoided going home but eventually went, babbled and tried to sleep. Too tired to sleep, then noises that I didn’t want to hear turned into Cursive, as loud as I could play without breaking speakers, passive aggressive and unsettled and whimsy replaced by depressedness. Didn’t sleep much. Read about chess and burned my ears away with the Ugly Organ on full.

Woke and dressed as the dead, grabbed a book and headed to work. Lectured a bit, but some things need to be consistent no matter the age. Prepped for the Greek culinary class today, which makes the building smell heavenly.

Of course, the novella I brought dragged me in and didn’t let me out, a fact I was grateful for, and left me hopeful and cathartic, cleansed of any and all negative vibes. Still haven’t slept much, but eh. Now I know how full diplomas are.


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