154. Opening Night.


Our last opening night. A list!

– Need to Shrine the actors ’cause D. Bag forgot (booohiss)
– Big Butts was AMERRZING.
– No one is allowed to play the race card anymore
– Burger King Crown
– Orgies and cheer-piles, swaying in a circle
– It better rain soon
– Hit the note on Season of Love. Got picked up and swung around as a result
– Ti-quan-tanic?
– Hid backstage in ninth again <3
– Chimney Sweep was pretty quiet
– Dance lessons! The rag and thriller and pop lock and drop and cupid shuffle and walk it out and on and on.
– The gay bar was sweet, with little titanic-shaped cookies
– Move the crows nest further forward next time
– Don’t yell at sound about the feedback
– Yell at actors for not shutting up
– Hahaha, the griffin was slayed by a mini-van door. No lie.
– Call. Everyone.
– Yomorrow, Dad and Heatherkins and Momo and firefly boy!
– Miss you guys. I put lipstick on in your honor.


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