157. werk love part seven.


Posters for the Vagina Monologues are up, one visible from my desk. As I watch the little dancers in pink parade their new costumes, one stops. She looks at the poster above her head, her little face tilting as she reads the words. She doesn’t speak. She doesn’t look around for an adult. She simply looks at the word “Vagina”, then studies her crotch for a second. Crotch, poster. Poster, crotch. Her gaze cycles through this a few times, then abruptly she skips away.

Quoth Jennifer,  “the first step is pride in ownership!”


3 Responses to “157. werk love part seven.”

  1. 1 Lindsey

    Hahahahaha. If I knew li’l Pip, I bet this would have reminded me of her.

    You must have been the cutest freakin’ kid in zeh WORLD.

  2. I love love love the mental image here. Thank you for sharing, Pipling.

  3. 3 Pip

    I was a cute MONSTER, Linds. Like, I loved everyone, and loved to just run off with strange people. Thankfully, I was a damn smert little kid who pulled this on retired nurses and liddle ole ladies who wanted company. And I also loved my vagina very very much.

    You are most welcome, my wonderful Leah. It’s my favority favorite part of working at the Art Center – wonderfully interesting people, both adults and kids.

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