16o. you’ve got such a pretty smile.


Every day when I chance a thought, think of other years when I’d go home to empty-house quiet-lonely, something interrupts it. Like friends decideing to come over randomly, chinese food, phone calls. The universe has cheerfully destroyed much of my lonliness, this week in particular. Wii and three girls badly playing Brawl, House and penut butter cookies, girl gossip-bitch-session that run from three to two, boys to fewd.

Today also brought the other half (fourth? … the original other half? Ghei mathematics, man.) of my lesbian nuzzling and being incredibly affectionate, to make her significant other guilty. It actually worked. Her (and the Fellow Procrastinator’s) art show went beautifully, with wonderful punch and soft full cookies, oaty fruity yum.

I have, sadly, fallen in love again. This time with Ball Pythons. Soft smooth scales, the one I handled seemed intelligent, and was calm. I was entranced – the shape of its head, the beautiful pattern, the way it draped itself on my hand, constricting very little, the little coil it tucked itself into as it was handed back.


One Response to “16o. you’ve got such a pretty smile.”

  1. 1 Lindsey

    Three girls BADLY playing Smash Bros?!

    Um, one girl nailed the other two girls’ asses into the ground, and hella skillfully, might I add!

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