161. this was a huge long ramble, but the interweb had a seizure and autosave failed.


The guy at the apple store named what two comic books Delaware had been mentioned in. I kinda-sorta-geeked out, it was made of win. Also, if you have an Apple Computer ™, your headphone jack glows read when the soundcard acts up. Red. Portal-of-hell red.

Delaware, and the family there, were amazing. We flew kites on a windless day. Funfail is fun! I took an eleven-year-old on a mall trip. Wishing for death is optimism in such situations. I did get nail polish for Heathkin and Fireflyboy, pretty purplish color. I got Butta, Awkward, Marine Blue, Mellow( Yellow, Emerald, stated, ELECTRIC orange, wtf namer-people?) Ducks are trippy. Mimi is dahling. Spiro was not Firefly, displeasing the younger cousins. Harold and Maude is amazingly winful <3 Old pictures are awesome.

There is a Bald Eagle nesting on our river. Clean room is cleaner! Bookshelf is pretty, absurd amounts of yarn are astonishing, tea is too good for words, Jellyfish Plush on Fan is wonderful, folded clothes are done thankgummy. Now has a military ID. Love is amazing and full of win. Missing people hurts beautifully ugly. Watchmen, the graphic novel, was incredible. Moments after reading, Nuclear Korea came on the radio and breath was lost in revelantness. Cleaned out old candle containers full of wax and smoke residue for holding flowers and pens. Current art-obsession- Afremov <3. Break is good, I guess.

I am avoiding going downstairs. There are dad-friends that suck there. No wantie. But there is fresh french bread, apples, and brie. Tempting fewd is tempting.


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