166. a soggy adventure.


Dragged by an eleven pound dog (with a will of steel) being in the presence of the most incredible people imaginable, and as we walked away a voice snapped, to the yapping dog, “There’s no barking in baseball!” wonderful indian food. paying in freaking quarters because we’re poor highschool + 1 kids. strange homeless-but-not sleeper on the warm couch and chicken mahkani, rain and walkingandwalking and missing julie by an instant up and down the watery streets. A blessed visit from the Tutmobile tm.

Today palete knife painting FAIL an hour of music geekery at work and an almost-exposed roll of film that magically mystically made it out intact. A sense of self in woodshop strange strange, Beatles solo that will be mine with luck, miraculously slipped Lacrymosa into the program* exams close close need permission slip for senior trip dangummit. NOT well organized, though we do get coach buses! Research b+w photos damnit.

Want hot chai, or hot lemon-honey tea. Mint plant is invading my room, bravely conquering where no plant has gone before.

*Because doing Mozart’s entire requiem is apparently too hard for the auditioned schoolgroup. I can has real choir? They did Vivaldi my freshmen year, then siiinks and now we over broadway and popsongs, but only if we run out of spirituals. Lawls what are madrigals again? Yanno, what the group was founded on? Oh, we dont really do those GRAH.


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