167. when subtle misogyny attacks!


Gender – it’s really not that big a deal, sir. Excuse me from this table, I can’t handle another leading question. Oh, and those looks? The bitchgimmieadrink? Not fucking cool. Your host is divorced, yes. His daughter is not the woman-servant substitute.

Father. One more weak woman, fawnfawning, or bull-eyed male guest? I refuse to play nice. Your work colleagues used to be interesting. Now, they play those stupid subtle games. Now, a glare at every dirty dish, I am the reason that these foul messes are before gasp!male eyes. Now, widening eyes every few seconds, pretending to pay attention while implying my gender has something to do with my ineptitude. (I’m just fine at being an idiot without being a girl, thanks). Now, they just make me hate myself for little to no reason. You bring this into our house again, I put bugs in your coffee. Deal? Deal. Plenty of gnats lying around.


4 Responses to “167. when subtle misogyny attacks!”

  1. 1 Leah

    This has nothing to do with anything, but I love you. And I thought you should know.

  2. 2 Katling


    Maybe put bugs in the guest’s coffee?

  3. 3 Pip

    I love you too <3<3 It’s always good to know.

    And I considered it, Katling. But the little squeamish part of me worried about karma.

  4. 4 FirefyBoy

    Seriously. When did he become such a douchebag?

    Better now though, it seems. *HUGSTODEATH*
    I’m at wegmans, btw. Now have a car.

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