revenge of the cleaning lady


Who trapped my cat in the bathroom, broke our napkin-holder, and who I still hold accountable for the death of my bugs.

  • film stuff, book (at least 10, try for 15)
  • sketch stuff (try for 10)
  • IB study HOA 11 grade topics and detente)
  • IB study English
  • Prom dress
  • Friendships (try and keep them)
  • Prezziebuying.
  • music, practice . Just cause we sound like shit doesn’t mean I should be ignorant and tone death. Despite our horrid sound, we may be opening for Lovesick Radio. I don’t understand either.

Rochester was a bust, but Momma and I had fun. Snuck outta school today, wee! Misleading them about papers wee! Playing povertyball tomorrow, wooo! (Also known as ghetto lacross, milkjug ball, and shit-our-school-is-poor.Played with a tennis ball, trashcans and milkcartons. Without checking and a threesecond rule. It sucks)

He left an update on his profile, saying he was greatful he was alive. I am too. It just saddens me that it took a suicide attempt for people to talk to him again.


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