169. I made my bed around midnight.


Homework felt too suffocating, and I slept like a rock knowing that the laundry was in the dryer and my sheets are cleanclean and smell like mmmm. I tucked a row of stuffed animals at the foot of my bed, just in case any scary ghouls tried to get at me in my sleep. They fiercely defended me and my dreams, and are now ceilingstar-gazing.

Yesterday was one of those brilliant days where it feels like Friday for no reason. I left school early to go eat indian with a friend I haven’t seen, haven’t known in a long while. It was fun, as we scouted for abandoned places for an upcoming party (found one by the trains! Yesss) Music, school-conversations and an oldold construction site.

Since this friend is estranged from the group we hung out with last year (for reasons many, complex and simple, and no side is innocent, we kept the conversation away from there) awkward ensues when a lovedloved girlfriend appears. Goodbyes, and the girlfriend just said “Well, then.” And that was that.

Said girl and I then went promdress shopping. It was awesome. There was a crazy zebraprint and green dress that was hilarious. There was a pretty olive green that I wish came in full length. The dress is red and poofy <3. She was amazing, I want to shop with her forevers. Also have new socks (unessential), undergarments (essential), sparklies for the night, and books. Taco bell is the most delicious damn-we’re-hungry fewd ever.


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