blends into the dirt into the ground


still had fun, though. I ditched the Disnification of my soul as a bonus too!

Happy birthday, all lovers and sister of my heart and soul. Happy mother’s day, momma. Happy mother’s day, Bobbi. You were a great mom. They miss you. We miss you. Happy mother’s day, Jean, even if I never met either of you. My parents are kinda rad, and I thank you for that. Happy mother’s day, Elka. Thanks for the charizard card – my little elementary school self loved it to pieces.

Turned in my film history book, and with any luck I shan’t get a thirty. Woo! Also, have fallen in love with any new photographers. Never a bad thing.

There is so much to say where I can’t get a computer, a journal, and so little lying in bed trying to sleep. IB English tomorrow.


2 Responses to “blends into the dirt into the ground”

  1. 1 Katling

    To get through IB english:

    (scroll down)

  2. 2 Pip

    you…you just recommended Jhonen. I just felt my heart stop in joy. Marry me? Join the lesbian quatangle once more?

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