ideas for a self portrait


are hard to find.

It just hit me that, other than teensytiny little one-sentence thoughts, I haven’t written in a year. Mama Laughed was the last story-piece I did, and I haven’t even written any laughable poetry attempts.

SO. Here is the New and Improved list of Bettering Myself through Art and Knowledge and Stuff.

  1. Setup a ghetto batik studio
  2. WRITE all those freaking letters
  3. Clean room and find address book
  4. And cell phone charger
  5. And earrings
  6. And… gods, just clean it.
  7. Learn Esperanto.
  8. Weaving Loom. Preferable table-15in, collapsible, and not too complex in the heddles.
  9. Write a piece a day once you’ve finished with your senior paper. It can be shit. In fact, I encourage it. Just write.
  10. Inventory Books
  11. Return everyone else’s books.
  12. Drive
  13. Drive
  14. DRIVE
  15. Fifteen is a purdey number. Ah! Listen to more NPR.

The peniscookies went over meh. THey were delicious though, and so not a fail. Highlights of the pen0r include a heated moment shared by a tenor and a bass. The ghei is set to nonstop party in that class, possibly the only thing it has going on.

OH. And start drafting the polite blunt informative helpful FU letter to the musicjerk. He’s losing his entire bass section, all but one alto and one tenor. no sopranos, because hah! They’re the biggest problem. Rampent favoratism and crappy voices say whu?

We run the mile soon. Dread. Senior paper is long and rather redonk. Dull. Although with any luck, my prescribed topic – Intelligent Design – might let me reference His Noodly Appendages. Joy! Need to find a dark wood – walnut or mahogany. MA-hogany.

It’s only when I start feeling sleepy that I can convince myself to work. Alice Neel and finding a slef portrait woooo.


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