I haven’t quite existed recently.


But that’s never stopped me before.

Adventures include:

Being with an oldtime friend and being made of awesomesauce, no matter how times have moved.

Canoeing/kayaking; army of pollywallygogs, dragon flies everywhere, Firefly showing off his mad kayak skillz, beautiful sun, surprise dad visits, going under the suicide bridge, capsizing in foot deep water-went too far towards shore by the rapids, being soaked and the fire department showing up once we had gotten back in the water, a random motorist had called it in for us, kept going, sky gets dark, biiig rock, biig rock, strange wave that WHAM invisarock, middle of the canoe, tilting dangerously, stuck for ten twenty minutes, managing to get out of scaryscary deep rapids with rocks, rain, gunshots/fireworks/???, multiple stinky paths, overturned trees, duckies!, rapids handled RIGHT, cold wet triumphant landing. We rocked, June 28, 2oo9.

Henna party of awesome. Dyed hair, Badinda did feet-design/anklet, I did tree of life on her back. Dexter party. Lots of Dexter.

Mini-True Blood day! Mini due to Macs verses PC CD madness, and free internet episodes, and sicknesses.

Giving blood of faintness. Note: Eat bigger breakfast if giving blood.

Graduation party of OMGHUGE. Badminton family craziness cake and baklava by Cahlan bocchi ball smooth hammock flop little cousins with machine gun nerf wars fewdfewdfewd latenight mafia guitar hero, lots of lots of people whom I love.

Zeh end.


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