reasons college is insanely awesome


sitting on the grass, sitting laughing singing, one guy brings a violin. German vowels and an awesome professor. gingerbeer of spice. eight-thirty race and sexuality, course description by prince. woods and hidden hideouts with broken screens and graffiti and murals and the California raisin. English professor of intense. cafe open ’til 3am, right below the library to print out homeworkload (procrastinating may be my dying art)

sunandwindandnightskybigmoon, cable with Matilda on and possibly a turtle. Pyrate club never shall we die. Figuring out the route to see love and love and conversations however fleeting are closer and tears because you know they’re right there, an instant away, an hour away.

Conversation go everywhere, connections leader of awesome, blue with a hint of orange. When fumbling for a goodbye, resignation and a simple opening of arms, hugshugshugshugs make everything so much less lonely and free. And come weekend there will be that lovely reunited feeling after an absence. It hasn’t even been a week… long distance relationships are always fun.

Not locking myself out. Biig yay. Two bananaers for breakfast, an orange and some type of pizza lunch, carrots and almonds in honey for dinner, and after I complete my homework (rewards are nice!) a nice cup of clam chowder. Wandering around in sweatpants in public is also fun.

But. Now that classes have started everything feels right with the world. It feels lively and happy and real.


One Response to “reasons college is insanely awesome”

  1. 1 Rachel(:

    This makes me smile. I hope it’s all so wonderful for you!

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