weekend of crazyland


saving the cicadas from an ignoble death, emerald and non-frightening, bbq of eh, vote! fucking triumph, glorious disaster, both, Nader. Nader’s vote quite rigged. Velvet art party made of triptasticness, take one look at the cobra and WHAM you are gone, the first drug that you imbibe visually. Randell Challenge outlaws, crawling up walls and windows. Decorating the room of commiesocialawesome, wondrous lovely times together, singing build me up buttercup on the cannon, Blake the Duck falling into bad crowd in the Mafia Duckland. “Hon, you can’t be in the girl’s bathroom”, “But that’s where you were”, Greek alphabet pronounced right, winning a landwar in Asia (It would have happened, I held four countries and Africa!) Jamaican iced tea, cheap wonderful books, Bertie Bott’s madness, blister on heel, Cursive, stock in love is rising, run tings Obama poster, first song of the night “Discovery Channel”, madness that is Seductive and Corrupting, listening to everyone whine about Euclid, walking walking walking moar walking Goodwill! White tights, “I like them, but they aren’t slutty enough”, casual touch, waist cheek sides hair, little comments that stick and glow brightly, piperoom smell, What Dreams May Come, Fluke (or I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings), college paraphernalia, free college shuttle next time and the six dollah train, amazing conversations on the way home.

Then, finished the milk that expires today! (yesssss) Watching fencing Rent references and more, palpable hits and many a depraved joke involving shafts. Hugs and goodbye and macs and pc and now, to German!

(Best weekend ever, my love)


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