Explorations and mist


The rain, if it can be called such, is fine and coats everything in little drops.

Woke up for an audition.. and got lost. Found an open door, the secret path backstage to our main auditorium. And a spiral staircase down down. Into a cement tunnel. With no flashlight, a weak gray cellphone light, I delved. The dim illumination only worked when I pointed it down, or got close to a wall. Pointing it forward swallowed the little light. I made to down one corridor and one turn before I came across stairs and a flashing red light. Could have been anything, but the paranoia of breaking rules made me turn around and get out. No one caught me. Score! The door I used was locked when I came back- I think it was just ajar, and that’s how I made it in.

Everything will be okay. We’re okay. This fucked-up week is over, and the sickly feeling of fear has left. In its place is hope.


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