aluminum city


family and crabs-crabs-crabs! Dreams of pink maple leaves and wide lawns. Walks and running lines and smooties of win and chai.

Discussions of friendship. The types and variations and flavors, and the lucky nature of those that have multiple. The ones you protect. The one who protect you. The ones who’ll fight your battles with you. The ones who just plain fight. The moth-to-a-flame. The crush-friends. The cuddly-friend. The harmony-friend. The same-wavelength friend. The acquaintance. The respectfully-friends. The abuse-friends. The sexy-friends. The sarcasm-sisters. The ones that you don’t talk to, don’t confide in, yet for some reason you would die for. The sisters. The brothers. The children. The momma. The duckling. The electric-wit friend. The honest friend. The frienemies. The soulmates. The laughter-friends. The shoulder-tears-friends. And every combination thereof.


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