for the love of god shoot me now


I though, after yesterday, I’d be fine! It was just a throat thing, I’ve slept it off, woo!

…I couldn’t sleep. One, there were people in the room. Two, lights. Three, every few minutes I’d have to cough or sniffle or generally be miserable. And dratted roomie woke at 5 in the morning. Fuck that noise.

So I shower. I go to class. I take the fifteen minute quiz. I actaully walk out of class, so intenet on not throwing up on the teacher. Hot cold hot cold headache ears ache throat aches hack cough dizzy nauseous. Well fuck me sideways, it’s the flu after all. With my luck, the piggy variety. Explains why I feel so shitacular. it has a runtime of three days, so one more to go.

What are good anti-nausea foods? The thought of crackers has me dry-heaving. Ditto with everything in my fridge. And despite the fact that I can’t hold shit down, I’m starving.

Also, one ear just popped. I just love the feeling of the room spinning, don’t you? I have taken a decongestant and a fever reliever. I want the ear-thing and headache and nausea to stopstopstop.

I want to go home. I want my mommy. I want to punch my suitemate, just because this time she was justified in being wary of the sick one.

Also doing the alcohol program when nauseous is fucking cruel. I felt sick with every picture.


One Response to “for the love of god shoot me now”

  1. 1 leah

    clear broth for nausea, and rice chex if you can handle it. ginger anything, except ginger ale.

    feel better, darling.

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