are you one of those heroin users that does it between their toes?


Whenever I get lost, totally gone and out buhbai! too deep in the pond or skating on ice, I ground myself in books or people. Both can be risky, but infinitely better than drowning or freezing or some other metaphor.

People are risky because they can feed into the feeling, especially if they’re bad too. Or the could be the weak one and you have to be strong for them, protector-mama instinct. or they could be fine and you lose yourself further, or they could be the strong one and you the duckling. Or they can distract you so thoroughly you forget about the funk you were in.

Books are risky because the kind of books you can lose yourself in are rarely fluffy. Humor is good if you can stomach it without becoming cynical. Christopher Moore, Stephanie Plum, Jennifer Crusie. It depends on what kind of lost you are. Kids books. Epic tales. Novels are good for living another life. Novella and plays and tragedies for the power packed into so small so few. Equus. Some Charles de Lint books. Short story collection by firebird press. World War Z. The one book about the boy who draws maps in everything and is in an asylum. The Bell Jar. Really, anything Plath. e. e. cummings. Ray Bradbury.

I miss my shelf at home.

Brought to you by The Perks of Being a Wallflower my go-to book to make me live and feel and really breath again.


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