imma lotta talk


and the walk is lost, but you know me, and you know I am harmless. I was the little girl who wanted to be a falconer, so adamant. Then it’s this and that, and I toss my whims like birdseed in the snow.

I need to find my little journal, finish it and start new. Third one.

Yesterday, my mother and father learned that I have been sexually active. They both offered me condoms. It was refreshing, because now I am that much more an adult in their minds. It was kinda terrifying, this moment in my head. Mostly because I always thought it would come after they walked in on us. But no. It happened as we paused the tv, waiting for dad to get off the phone. And my mother asks, gesturing, “By the way, have you and boy… ” *finger gestures*I shake my head in amusement. Consider for a second. “Yes, we are having sexual relations. If that’s what” *finger gesture* “means. Most awkward way to ask ever!” “Better than Mr. Peen and the Giant”

Well. I guess so.

So, milestone of a sort reached. Dad came in, so I told him. He gave me the best “well, duh” look I’ve seen in a while. He then offered me wine. I instead made myself a mimosa, to ward off the awkward. Surprisingly, it worked. So, yeah. The last people to know have now been told.


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