this weekend


I bought good running shoes for cheap, with the intention of actually starting to run. HAH. This is doomed and will be humiliating to witness/attempt, but for the love of god I WILL start this torturous shit process of getting in shape. I’ll hate it, myself and life. jolly good.

I realized, holy nippleturtles, that in a week it’ll be two years.

I watched velvet goldmine and got stuck on the oscar wilde alien bit. And the glitter. And how, the glitter.

Sick. Because I got swine, and suddenly developed a lactose intolerance. Over a miserable few months, it started getting better, mysteriously downgrading its horrific self to a lactose sensitivity, to the point where I forget about it. Until I push the envelope, eat one too many cheesy wonderful things, and BAM. Sleep? Surely you jest! Misery and pain? Why, thought you’d never ask!

I smoked. Herbal stuff, hops and chamomile, legal as all get up, but by some weird twist they lowered my range a note or two. So yeah.

I learned that facebook is a muffin. and by muffin I mean cuntmuffin. Serious, just fuck you faceberk.

Went to the GoHo with someone I accidentally blew off before. it was awkward, because it was one of those “I’m here if you need to talk” type things, and… I don’t need to talk.  just burst out crying during dinner, and didn’t have the sense just to a, leave, b, shut the fuck up. I need no pity party but my own, no matter how nice a person you are.

Read through the archives of DAR, because Leah. I love it.

Went the the aquarium, took a gazillian pictures, met with Rachel, got a frozen mango sommat at Panara and my tastebuds had an orgasm.

Called Leah, and confirmed that she’s possibly one of the most amazingstrongbeautiful women I know. I want us to be friend and call each other’s hovercar phones when we’re ninty.

Almost died in a van. Sidewalks? U-turns. Red LIIIIGHT. Glare. Fucking minivan.

Target and pokemans. ’nuff said.

I also want to have a wegetable garden with my lovely redheads that are visiting this week. Stoked.


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