This blog seems bipolar


because if (biiig if) I use it, in either in extreme pain and want to whine, or in ridiculously terrible enthusiasm, which is better but. There are no lows! (Three guesses what side of the swing today is! Oh wait. There are only two choices. WINNER ALL AROUND.)

Cherry Pepto-Bismol. What. NO. Is it odd that I like the plane ole pink taste? It is immensely satisfying. I can hear my imaginary ulcer perk up and go, hey, hey! It’s that pink wonder! Imma go sleep now.

Cherry and I are having this staring contest. I know I need it. it knows I need it. The tummy-dragon (Peruvian Vipertooth? Geek much?) is all bitey today, and sleep is an illusion.  But. I mean. Cherry. For cough medicine, I will accept cherry. Green-death flavor and I have never met amicably. But Pepto and I, we’re old pals. After lactose took to periodic shanking (both injurious in and of itself and Highly Upsetting to stomach-lizard), Sir Bismol stepped up to pacify the beast. And we were all chill, until dragon decided sleep for for lesser mortals and partied every night. Doesn’t matter what I eat, lizardbreath is not pleased. And the bottle is only ye-big, and lasted only ye-long. So, the impasse; to try Cherry, and betray an old standby? Or to wallow. Hum. Dragon says bottoms up.

UPDATE. Ugh. Tastes like Pepto masquerading as cough meds. Boooo. Off to drown my tastebuds in tea.


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