never underestimating papa again.


Gonna had a conversation with my father about Why His Daughter Is Failing Chem, because I told him. And I feel angry and upset and like he will be disappointed and sad, and that just makes me want to crawl into a ball. And I just called him five minutes ago and ended up trying not to cry because he just said he loved me and he wished he could support me better with this.  And in two days it’s mommy’s birthday, which means it would be Bobbie’s birthday, and dammit I hate crying right before I have to go be with people. I won’t be there to hold her if she starts sobbing. And I don’t want to burden people with me crying, because there’s already plenty of that with the seniors graduating, and last night was so awesome and together and I’m falling apart a little today.

At least Descartes is done. He can suck it.


2 Responses to “never underestimating papa again.”

  1. 1 Mimi

    Chem sucks. Just saying.
    Anyways, it’ll be ok honey, I wish I could give you a big, big hug right now. Mama will be ok, we’ll both call and make her laugh and do silly, happy birthday songs. Promise.
    Dad will be dad.
    I love you, feel free to rant with me on things, you can burden me (it’s part of the guild lines of being a sister).

  2. 2 Caitlin

    You can call me any time you want to. I tried to call a few days ago but it was all beepbeep-not-even-going-to-pretend-to-ring. Love you babe. I hope your mom has an awesome fun silly birthday.

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