odd-ish erotic dream.

I dream often, vividly, and in a way that either blatantly shows the state of my psyche or is just intense and strange. This dream is more towards the former, but what struck me was how intimate it was. Psychically, emotionally.. I woke up and didn’t feel like remotely the same person.

It was simplistic. The part I remember best was talking to a man, who had been with me throughout the dream. We sat in a breezy room, and he stood to leave. He took off the gloves he had on for most of the dream, and, on impulse, I caught his wrist. He looked at me with the strangest expression, and I remember, deliberately, slowly turning his hand over and kissing his open palm. His expression… I don’t think I can forget it. Hope and joy and disbelief, heartbreaking. He had a hard face, older and drawn, no one I recognize. I don’t think anyone had ever touched his hands, scarred and rough. He lifted me, towards the sofa, and I remember that perfect moment of coming together. The last sensation, before I woke up, was this pure and tender kiss, at once exactly the opposite and the exact way we had made love in the dream. And I woke up and my lips, my body simply ached.


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