from tumblr, cause I’m de-seriousing it


remember that time I smoked something my roommate gave me, then proceeded to trip balls? I believe that one component may have been acid. Because holy flashbacks, batman. Whenever I’m tired or stressed, or even for no particular reason, colors play strange games, seconds and minutes do the mamba and forget to follow the clock,  and life moves slightly to the right or left, physically. They’re not bad, easy to work around, but still. Fuck. This didn’t happen before.

Some psychological effects may include an experience of radiant colors, objects and surfaces appearing to ripple or “breathe,” colored patterns behind the eyes, a sense of time distorting (time seems to be stretching, repeating itself, changing speed or stopping), crawling geometric patterns overlaying walls and other objects, morphing objects, a sense that one’s thoughts are spiraling into themselves, loss of a sense of identity or the ego and other powerful psycho-physical reactions.

(check, check, check check check…)

Also, weird way to draw myself out: drawing tiny tight spirals over and over again, until they fill a page. After I get done falling into the pattern, it’s pure meditation. It helps me listen, think, speak.


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