(from Germany’s win)


Back to the Irish pub! Had great discussions about accents with the Canadian girl (also, was mistaken for Canadian while I was spreche Deutch. Ego boost!) and sorry and subtleness within accents, and music with the cute son of Cork that I was talking with last time.(I’ll read what he wrote later, but I gave him the Cat Empire, The Crowd and the Chariot in return. he kept humming, so I had to ask. Turns out he’d had an Aussie friend rec’ing the same, but hadn’t gotten around. Hope this pushes him.

Yes, I watch the games buzzed. THE ONLY WAY to get into a crowd of rowdy Deutch, without feeling awkward as an american tourist/student. This time, Kilkenny Ale (.41), Guinness-Cider (.51), small (.31) Guinness, big (.51) Guinness. And the glass of wine with dinner, I guess.

In a way, I’m glad I won’t have legal access to alcohol in the states, because I could see where I’d have a slight problem. Same with smokes- it’s easier if I pretend there’s a huge gaping chasm to cross, rather than a teeny tiny stepping stone.

Also, a big part of that discussion n The State Of Drunk is the sense of timelessness that accompanies it, be it night day or alien timezone. Everything takes on this foreign weight, even the sun. I exist now and forever, and the past is a second and an eon behind me.

YUS. Germany, Berlin was having a joyous riot when I went down the U-Bahn, screams and fireworks and flags and capes and mohawks, the horns going ff every two seconds, vuvuzelas finally fitting in. I negotiated and got swindled on a flag, but I’m still glad I did it. I write everything off tonight as ‘experience’ rather and substance- like a concert and all you have are the memories and stubs. That’s tonight. I can’t stop grinning, my face feels strange.

On the U-Bahn, ran into a couple of Americans (do you think she speaks English? Honey, ask away. Oh! can you help me with the u-bahn? No guarantees, I’m drunk… wait. Your map sucks. Here, mine is better. [I think I did alright by them] If you feel like facebooking me, for whatever reason, I’m Pip yadda! Still not sure why I did that. The bier talking.)

Said farewell to my favorite barkeep and waitress, as I’m sure I won’t go back. I’m going to go back to being A Model Student, because there’s no time to do otherwise now. But I’m glad for this final horrah.

P.S. Falling asleep tipsy/drunk is one of my fav experiences, once you’ve had the chance to pee.


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