update on the life of [pip]


She replanted her cactii in a more friendly, easy-to-water bowl (damn you, peatmix that does not easily get bewetten!)Her pot of basil (fuuuuu Keats. Swinburne and I are homies, you and I are in a tiff. I’ll love you once Ruskinny and I get done) drinks more water than a camel. Her dinosaur plant was chill about her killing it. She failed at being a college girl. She called wonderful friends. She lost her key and swore a lot about it.(sweet taint-chafing christ is my favorite swear ever. EVER)  She found it again, and the swearing lessened.The urge to use the word tits in various fond and perhaps random ways has not lessened. She started reading a few webcomics, and has regretted it not. She found the Maryland Wegman’s and it was GOOD. She learned to say goodbye in Dutch. She colored in coloring books. She has been attacked by tiny bears. She has mixed rum and wine with disastrous consequences. She cleaned her room. She made her bed. She got up in the morning and thought, life is good. She got up in the morning going fuck this noise, it’s too early for accounting. She has fallen in love with numbers and elegant solutions to logical moneythings. She talked about marriage, and the fact that it will not happen until we are all old enough for an open fucking bar. She hates the word boyfriend. She loves the partner and wonderfulness that she has. She has gotten even better at imitating her southern English professor. She has become a pornfairy. She has started drawing again, and started this with a big study of her southern teacher’s shiny bald head. She has tried to stop smoking socially. She has failed, because people offer her cigs and damnit there is only so much temptation a girl can take. She drank a quart of OJ by herself, in one class, and spent the rest of it nervously trying not to pee. She forgets that this is college and she can walk the fuck out. She has had strange, strange dreams where physics failed and she was preggo.

She’s made wonderful friends and has a great boy. She just procrastinates like FUCK.

So mmumuumuuuh.



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