• my voice drops half an octave or more when I’m upset.
  • sitting on a toilet seat with your pants on is one of those thisfeelsweird experiences.
  • I am not a good actor. I take out the recycling and do the dishes until I can smile again, and try not to be passively-aggressively upset, where people mope until someone asks what’s wrong. No. If I’m upset, I tell you. If I don’t want you to know? I’m not going to be sighing all up in this joint, I’m going to get the fuck away until I calm my ass down. No one needs my stress on top of this fucking week.

Nothing’s really wrong. I just remembered we are mortal. My Aunts and Uncles are aging, and their health is not following along. I’m pretty sure it was Aunt Pat’s wedding day anniversary of something. Her husband died a few years back. She was in surgery today. I found out via facebook. I don’t know what it was for.

I won’t cry, not from work or memento mori. I just got a text from a wonderful woman and there are so many things in life to love to pieces. I will be fine.


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