hi, my name is pippin. i like being a passhole agresass


I will not post angsty shit where anyone can see it, oh no. I have a blog that maybe two people actually look at, let me post my suicidal thoughts there. When my emotions sober up I won’t be embaressed about people seeing it.

I am loved and my life is fucking perfect and why do I feel like sobbing and driving off a cliff holy shit I hate life I actually hate it.

AND THIS WILL PASS and I will be none the worse for it but fucking christ self why are you retarded. I make love to the most amazing person on the fucking planet near daily and I have a job and a house and I didn’t fail out of collage this semester despite richly deserving to.

I am being a needy ass. I don’t know what the fuck I need, I have more than 90 fucking percent of everyone I know. I don’t need e-cuddles or even real cuddles, I want distractions and to like myself and the internet can only give me the former. and at the same time I can fucking feel the onset of apathy and fuck I don’t want to be numb again self what the fuck are you doing.

I am blaming this the fuck on birth control. And growing up. And myself.

I am going to get drunk and forget I hate myself.


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