I remembered how to be a person during break


and maybe that’s why there was so many nightmares and panic attacks. But I’m ready, I suppose. To make my schoolwork my bitch. To be a better friend. To be a better lover. To better myself in a shitton of ways.

  • Write more letters.
  • Actually take the time and correct/relearn penmenship
  • Everything turned in on time or a day early
  • Play a damn instrument
  • Grow cacti!
  • Arrange a damn song
  • Learn to make the perfect cup of coffee
  • Be with people, make time for people, go out of my way to hang out with people. No more hermiting.
  • Cut down on tumblr (HAH)
  • Fly kites more
  • Four hundred pages. I think I’ll break into between the two prompts and one document just full of small stories and drabbles.
  • (Secret goal: ACTUALLY COME)

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