I told my person some potentially deal- breaker news, because fuck he wants a family too and what if I can’t give him one? And he just. Held me.  For an hour. ten minutes just clutching him when he came in, without needing an explanation. When I spat it out sometime later he just pulled me into bed, rolled over and let out limbs tangle until I was cried out. He told horrible lame jokes and joked around and didn’t stop touching me, grounding me.

Every now and again I realize the breaks and cracks in our relationship are never from spending time together-they are always from being apart too long. I forget how he knows me. I forget how I know him. We can read each other easily, and when we can’t we speak, clarify, comfort, tease. He trusts and respects my choices, advises and tells me when I make mistakes, and never stops forgiving my stupidity, even when I lash out, which is more than I should ever ask from another human being and yet he gives of himself freely.

We went to the mall and he was ok with me holding baby snakes until I felt better. I don’t think he even likes snakes.


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