247. and now for an ugly sweary post


Okay. I understand that you are freshman. Time-management is hard and all that jazz. But you know something? When we have a concert in two fucking days? And you don’t know your part and fuck up the tempo and in general make us sound awful?

No. No. N-n-n-n-n-n-n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

You do not join a group only to not practice the damn songs and look around listelessly in rehersal and then try to learn the goddamn piece RIGHT THER IN REHERSAL EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR A SOLID MONTH HOW THE HELL HAVE YOU NOT EVEN LISTENED TO THE SONG

How the bloody fuck did I not even realize what you were doing until now? How? And I’m making it my resonsibility to teach you because I’m the only old member on the part yes but I am offering you my time and my room and tea and even went out and got goddamn food for this, and you… don’t read my email about the time. Don’t tell me you’re not avaliable until five. Minutes. Before.

I bet you haven’t listen to the song once yet.

If this isn’t your first priority, then yeah, I understand that. We’re students, not hardcore musicians. But you made a commitmit to this fucking group and not honoring your commitments for reasosn that are not health/family? Pretty un-fucking-forgivable!



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