091. Teatime.


A side note from Sunday: Deer should not be allowed to JUMP ACROSS THE FREAKIN’ HIGHWAY. When we are going seventy miles per hour and the damn thing jumps in time to System of a Down (Forest). it was windshield hight, we could see it’s panicked eyes, and we missed it by mere feet. (By the time it finished the leap, that tiny millisecond, it was around two feet in front of the nose of the car.

At camp, and both in love with everything and a bit sad. The sadness is small, barely there unless the wind plays a certain way, the garden is empty and the trees are whispering, or I try to sleep and can’t get comfortable. I’m in love with the scents, the sounds, the music and the strange wonderful people. I miss my own strange, wonderful people more than I’ve ever before, though

Camp is fun. I’m glad I’m coming back for graduation.

Updates from this place are minimal. I am the only CIT in Publications. Tried out for the musical, City of Angels (not the movie). I room with some amazing people – an LSD CIT and a Ceramics CIT. They are beyond amazing. The art here, the creativity, the sheer wonderful quality of people – this I missed.

I have a vague feeling that, by the end of camp, I will be capable of terrible deeds in the name of a single Soulful Cup latte, a trip to Wegmans, and a good game of Crystal Chronicles. Until then, conversations about communal urine and a world of flying trees will make every moment worth it.


3 Responses to “091. Teatime.”

  1. 1 raalla

    who are your roommates? (by which I mean -which- LSD and Cermamics-ers?)

  2. 2 Pip

    Chelsea and Aviel!

  3. 3 vividaudio

    Geez. I love the feeling I get when I read what you write.

    I always think of Ireland, for some reason. =D

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